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Today are with Animerranti Daiane and Tim for tell us about their journey around the world;

they decided to leave behind a standard life and to travel the world for one year.

Hi Daiane and welcome to Animerranti; so, tell us about your journey around the world.

Hi Annalisa, my name is Daiane, i am 28 years old originally from Brazil but have been living in Germany for the past 6 years.

In february I finished my bachelor in International business.

I love to practice sports specially Zumba, ride the bike, hike, eat and talk about food and travel, and… i’m travelling with my boyfriend around the world.

You’ve decided to leave behind a standard life and to travel the world for one year; how has your life changed since then?

We changed a lot. We dont get so stressed about small things anymore. We got many new ideas about the lifestyle we want to hve when we come back. We are less materialistic.

What did you do for living before this adventure and how did your family and friends react to your decision?

Tim was industrial engineer he quit his Job to travel.

Me, while i was studying i also worked as a Zumba intructor to save some money and also because i loved sharing my hobby (Zumba) with other people.

Which countries have you visited till now? Where are you now and where are you going next?

In this trip we visted New Zealand, Australia, Cook Islands, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines.

Where are you now and where are you going next?

We are in Vietnam. Next stop is Laos, Cambodia, Bangkok than we go back to Germany for 2 weeks and continue to Brazil until February 2018.

And now a bit of romanticism. When did you understand that you were destinated to spend your life together?

We have been together 8 years so ghe Romance is hone. Haha Just kidding. I guess it happened the first time we had to leave appart. We met in the USA and Tim had to go back to Germany I stayed longer and this was a terrible feeling of not being with each other. I think back there we realized that we had to do something to stay together.

Let’s talk in terms of finance. Travelling constantly isn’t cheap. How do you support yourself?

We saved enough money befire the trip. But we are going back home with almost half of what we saved. We are not rich or won the lotery. The thing is: Money saved is money earned so, we do a lot of research before going somewhere. We look for the most convenient and cheapest way to get from A to B. We mostly travel like the locals. For example we never take taxis in front of aiports, we go outside and look how to get a bus, if there is no bus, no problem, we go in the back of a truck whith other locals, we dont care as long as it is the cheapest option. We also walk a lot. We search for the cheapest hotels (we use agoda and there we check if its clean and on a good location than we book it online because after booking there several times you also get discounts) In more expensive countries like New Zealand we rented a car at Rentalcarvillage. Was the cheapest we could find afther researching a lot, it was a micro camper van so we could sleep inside, this way we saved a lot in acommodation. In Australia and the Cook islands we did workaway where we worked for food and accommodation, was a great opportunity to get to meet locals and save money again ;). When it cpnetoo food, in New Zealand we could cook our own meals because the car came with a gas cooker and all we needed to cook simple meals. In Asia we dont need to cook because everything is so cheap. Of course if you want to eat western food its sometimes a bit more price but we always find the best foods on the street or small alleys and local restaurants.

What are the difficulties you have to go through every day during your journey around the world?

There is not real difficulties. Depends how you look at it. It is a bit annoying though when you are in a country and the infrastructure is not that good and you have to research a lot how to move fro A to B and people dont speak english so they cant really help you. But as i said its not too bad. We just relax and go with the flow and in the end we reach where we wanted to.

Do you have any recommendations for other people who want to do the same choice?

Just do it. Don’t think too much just do it. This was the best think we could have done. We have seen so many beautiful places, met so many interesting people, got so creative about things we wanna do in the future and most important enjoyed life.

What are your secret wishes?

I wish that in some countries people would care more about the environment. Not just the locals but also the tourists. We have seen amazing places that were supposed to be a paradise but because of all the trash laying around we couldn’t enjoy it that much. I dont wanna know what is gonna happpen with some places in couple of years just because people dont care and trough their trash everywhere.

Enjoy and follow us 🙂

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